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High Hat Cafe

How To Do New Orleans Like A Local
by Lolis Eric Elie | Garden & Gun Magazine

"Oretha Castle Haley. Freret. Oak. Remember those street names. Cling to them like the heirlooms they are. No matter how much the corporate hotel chains and the corporate restaurants try to herd you with the rest of the cattle to the usual New Orleans places, resist."


High Hat Cafe

11 Best Restaurants for Fried Chicken in New Orleans
by Brett Anderson |

"I tried fried chicken at more than 30 sit down restaurants, beginning at the end of last year, with tastings heating up considerably in the month before publication. Each of the 11 chosen chickens is unique but they all bear three qualities I consider essential to superlative examples of the dish : they are crisp, juicy and well seasoned."


High Hat Cafe

High Hat Cafe names Allison Richard as New Chef
by Todd A. Price | | The Times Picayune

"This month, Allison Richard, 31, took over as the executive chef at High Hat Cafe. Fans of the Southern restaurant on Freret Street shouldn't fret. She doesn't plan any big changes. "You don't fix things that aren't broken," she said."


New Orleans Magazine Nov 2014

Pecking Order: In Search of the 10 Best Fried Chicken Places
by Sara Roahen | New Orleans Magazine

Photo by Marianna Massey

"Tuesday is officially fried chicken day at High Hat Café. That is when it’s plated with braised greens and pimento macaroni and cheese. But you can also get it with red beans and rice on Mondays and with a waffle and eggs on the weekends. My advice is to use whatever excuses it takes to eat High Hat’s fried chicken as often as possible."


High Hat Cafe

The Pie Heatmap: Ten Spots for Great Pie in New Orleans Now
by Nora McGunnigle |

"Thanksgiving means pie. Apple pie, pumkpin pie, pecan pie, chess pie and so many more appearing on the Turkey Day tables after everyone has stuffed themselves stupid on dinner. However, in New Orleans, pie is all around us, and its stock is rising quickly."


High Hat Cafe

High Hat Cafe by Brett Anderson | The Times Picayune

Photos by Chris Granger of | The Times Picayune

"The brain child of chef-restauranter Adolfo Garcia and partner Chip Apperson, High Hat helped turn Freret Street into a thriving Restaurant Row, while writing a new chapter on the old book of New Orleans neighborhood restaurants."


Fall Dining Guide 2014

The New Orleans Advocate Fall Dining Guide 2014
by Ian McNulty | The New Orleans Advocate

Not only was High Hat Cafe a featured restaurant in the 2014 Fall Dining Guide Creole and Neighborhood section, our delicious Spicy Seared Gulf Fish (with creamy grits and local cucumber and tomato salad) was chosen as the cover art for the edition!

"High Hat Cafe is what happens when you update the New Orleans neighborhood restaurant with an appreciation for seasonal sourcing and craft cocktails and add a dash of Deep South flavor for good measure."


High Hat Goes To London

High Hat Cafe, Local Musicians, Bringing New Orleans to London;
Kate Moss Awaits by Brett Anderson

Photo by Chris Granger | The Times Picayune

"Next week, Adolfo Garcia will be in London preparing food like you'd find at the High Hat Café, his Uptown New Orleans restaurant, for the kind of people you don't normally find at the High Hat Café."They've got people flying in from New Orleans in their private jets," Garcia said. "We're doing a private party for Kate Moss. It's really way out of my realm of understanding."


High Hat Burger

New Orleans' Top 10 hamburgers: Brett Anderson Names the Best in the City

Photo by Dinah Rogers |The Times Picayune

"The namesake hamburger at this southern restaurant comes dressed with an iconic southern ingredient, pimento cheese. Warmed by the heat of a half-pound patty crusted on the flattop grill, the cheese becomes a sauce that finds a home in the crevasses of the course ground meat. Cheeseburgers aren't Southern? My stomach begs to differ."


Cocktail Couture

Cocktail Couture

Photo by Romney Photography

High Hat Cafe was featured in the August 2014 edition of The Gambit/Cue Magazine.


Ryan Iriarte

Shaking Up The Cocktail Scene
by Ian McNulty | The New Orleans Advocate

Photo by Ian McNulty

"There’s nothing like a kids’ menu to signal a restaurant’s easygoing intentions, and child-sized orders of chicken fingers and catfish augment High Hat Café’s signature mix of casual Creole and Deep South dishes (BBQ shrimp, Delta tamales, po-boys and chess pie). But behind the bar, manager Ryan Iriarte has been quietly building an increasingly sophisticated cocktail program. The back bar is now a veritable cocktail commissary, with jars of herbs, jugs of fruit steeping in liquor and whiskeys maturing in small barrels for an aged flavor. A bourbon cocktail called “4500” gets a deep, berry-tart undercurrent from hibiscus liqueur, made in house, and Iriarte even makes a custom mixer for his gin and tonics. It all makes High Hat something of a family-friendly craft cocktail destination."



10 Restaurants New Orleanians Won't Tell You About
by Sara Roahen | Epicurious - Conde Nast

Photo by Courtney Bayer | Moon Pie Photography

"Situated at the top of the newly vitalized Freret Street corridor in Uptown New Orleans, High Hat Café is where New Orleans comfort food and the more typically Southern specialties of the Mississippi Delta meet."


Smoked Chicken

High Hat Cafe's Smoked Roasted Chicken: A Dozen Dishes Under $15

Article and Photo by Susan Langenhennig | The Times Picayune

"The smoke-roasted chicken at High Hat Café deserves the type of praise typically saved for far more exotic ingredients and pricey entrees. Making it requires a process that begins with charred hickory chips in the smoker and ends in the oven, where the chicken is basted with butter. You get half a bird per order. The crunchy skin is glossy and golden, black-pepper-flecked and powerfully addictive. The meat, both white and dark, is equally juicy. It comes with your choice of a side, which sets up a tough moment of decision-making. The macaroni is amped up with pimento cheese, the al dente green beans are sweated with applewood-smoked bacon, and the stone-ground grits are some of the best in the city."


Catfish Plate

High Hat Cafe on Freret Serving Up Good Food in a Casual Way

Photo by Paul Broussard

Our first trip to the High Hat Cafe a few months ago happened on accident. You see, we were on our way to Dat Dog for our regulatory monthly hot dogs and French fries when the unthinkable happened…it was closed because of a power outage. Despondent and famished driving away, the sign for the High Hat Cafe came into view, and that, as they say, is all she wrote. We got hooked on High Hat."


Adolfo Garcia: The Metamorphosis of New Orleans' Hungriest Restaurateur

Adolfo Garcia: The Metamorphosis of New Orleans' Hungriest Restauranteur
by Rene Louapre | OffBeat Magazine

Photo by Elsa Hahne

“I felt like I was lip-syncing, like I was Ashlee Simpson on Saturday Nigh Live,” says Adolfo Garcia. Garcia is talking about Rio Mar. More specifically, why, after owning and serving as executive chef at Rio Mar for more than ten years, he up and sold his share to longtime partner Nick Bazan.


High Hat Cafe serves up the South in New Orleans, earns 'Three Beans'

High Hat Cafe Serves Up the South in New Orleans, Earns 'Three Beans'
by Brett Anderson | The Times Picayune

Photo by Brett Duke | The Times Picayune

"High Hat Café's fried catfish tastes very much like something you've eaten before, probably at an address not far from High Hat's and likely more times than you could possibly remember. After all, we live in a place where fried seafood is almost as readily available as a pack of gum.That High Hat's fried catfish is better than most is why you'll order it again."


High Hat Cafe Review: High Hat Cafe, Ian McNulty samples some Southern down-home cooking on Freret Street

High Hat Review:
Ian McNulty Samples Some Southern Down-Home Cooking on Freret Street

Photo by Cheryl Gerber

"Dishes with a bit of a drawl jump off the menu at High Hat Cafe — Delta-style tamales wrapped neatly in cornhusks, a pimento cheese plate, homey sides of beans and greens and the restaurant's centerpiece: fried catfish with hushpuppies, practically the fish and chips of cotton country."


Ian McNulty features High Hat Cafe on his radio show called "Where Y'Eat" on Listen for yourself!

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